Case in Point: TAP

Case in Point: TAP

Teleperformance - 08.11.2020

To support client needs, Teleperformance’s Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (TAP) ensures a seamless omnichannel experience for end customers, allowing for an improved service quality for clients. This trifecta leverages a multi-skilled, collaborative approach that focuses on harnessing the power of technology through AI and RPA; advanced analytics to generate operational and customer insights; and the Lean Six Sigma methodology and Design Thinking to redefine business process from the perspective of the end customer.

Through TAP, positive results were seen by our clients from all over the world. Here’s one example. A top company in India was looking for a solution to improve customer satisfaction to bridge customer gap and an improvement strategy by identifying the path to a perfect Customer Satisfaction score.


- Teleperformance analyzed six-month data by channel, contact center, and interaction drivers, and used advanced analytics to build hypothesis.

- Over 1000 customers from cities with highest consumer base were contacted to identify their stated and unstated needs.

- Teleperformance used Voice-of-Customer interaction analytics on more than 500 inbound calls to understand process adherence, variations, and customer effort.

- Lean Six Sigma practices and COPC benchmarks were implemented to streamline and strengthen processes. 

- Technology which includes IVR, mobile app, and website mapping were deployed to determine channel-specific opportunities, effort, and bottlenecks.


The numbers were in: the company saw a 27% improvement in its CSAT score, up from 62% to 89%. In addition, there was also a 15% improvement in customer effort scores due to process streamlining.


As companies move along in today’s digital era to raise the bar for CX delivery, choosing the right approach to prepare a business for the challenges of the future is key towards progress as companies and brands go further in their respective digital transformation journeys. As Teleperformance aims to become the world’s agile business services partner in the digital world, our passion for delivering simpler, safer, and faster interactions has resulted in continuous improvement for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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