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Celebrate Pride!

Teleperformance - 06.03.2021

Teleperformance values the true meaning of diversity and inclusion.

For many years, we have been honored to earn the trust of our employees: as an employer of choice, we recognize that our employees have a unique voice that needs to amplified in order for them to express their individuality. Knowing this, Teleperformance has created a safe work environment that embraces and respects the many differences of our people. We believe that by doing so, we are able to continuously push for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

“TP Pride” is committed to create and nurture a culture where employees of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression can bring their whole and authentic selves to work. Over the years, TP Pride has played a key role in educating the Teleperformance community on the advocacy and current issues surrounding and affecting the LGBTQIA+ sphere through forums, podcasts, modules, and conferences. With TP Pride, we take a step closer towards a more equal world, where respect and open-mindedness are never-ending.

This Pride month, have a look at these initiatives and activities lined up by some of our sites across the world:

Teleperformance in the Philippines
This Pride month, our teams in the Philippines are most certainly uniting cultures.

The launch of #BeyondSafeSpace ensures that Teleperformance offers not just safe spaces but workplaces where everyone can thrive. Creating safe spaces is the bare minimum, but nurturing workplaces where our employees can flourish and grow as their most authentic self is a game changer.

The teams have also created banners, phone wallpapers, Zoom backgrounds, Facebook frames, and desktop wallpapers for everyone to use.

Our teams across Teleperformance in the Philippines will also share stories, teach empowerment, support their LGBT+ colleagues, and promote everyone to stay healthy.

Teleperformance in the UK

Our teams in the UK have created a suite of “TP Tots” and “TP Teen” activity packs that colleagues can share with their families and friends. The slogan for this initiative to raise awareness is “We live in a world of many colors, so let’s celebrate every day.” These packs have been designed to help raise awareness and understand the meaning of Pride while allowing kids and teens to have fun and show their creativity.

​Teleperformance in the US

Teleperformance in the US is going all out with the celebrations.

The first on the list is raising awareness and sharing knowledge on the history of Pride month, and the importance of celebrating it. A virtual Pride parade follows, then the Pride flag will be passed across our sites in a combined celebration.

The teams created Facebook frames and also organized a special podcast that will feature Coming Out stories. There would be Pride playlists and even weekly newsletters containing interesting Pride facts, support, and information.

Teleperformance Nearshore

Our teams across our Nearshore countries are celebrating #Diversity Matters by raising awareness and working with the LGBTQIA+ community. They will release editorials, newsletters, updates, social media posts, as well as a special TP Pride Playlist on Spotify.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or how you express yourself as an individual—we at Teleperformance share, receive, and spread the love! We continue to foster a safe space where our differences can make us all stronger. We are proud to honor the highs—and continue the fight against gender inequality—together with our queer community. This June, we are celebrating Pride month with nothing but love, equality, and kindness for the LGBTQIA+ members of Teleperformance.

Happy Pride, everyone!



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