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CX Lab: Elevating the CX through Actionable Insights

Marina Netto - 04.01.2023

Teleperformance’s award-winning Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) has been a source of rich, actionable insights for clients and brands looking to improve their customer experience strategy. Created in 2013, we at the CX Lab had a vision to provide proprietary statistics and insights to clients, allowing them to understand changes in the markets from a consumer’s point of view. Through our unique, independent Global CX Survey, we are able to explore customer behavior, customer service preferences by market, patterns of customer perception, channel mix, as well as the key drivers of loyalty, brand advocacy, and customer satisfaction, among many others.

Fast forward to today when several facets of consumer behavior have changed due to disruption, there is an even greater need for companies and brands to learn how to evolve with the changing demands of their customers. Clients often want to look beyond the scope of their industries in order to better understand customer behavior. Recognizing this, the CX Lab offers a library of insights by vertical and time, continues to add sectors and countries in its study, and ask new questions to get to know the evolving customer. The idea is to capture the zeitgeist of consumer behavior.

The race to elevate the customer experience never stops. The CX Lab likes to look at what consumers get, and what they prefer—we believe that there are plenty of opportunities for improving CX if brands can understand what their consumers want by groups, or by countries, by sectors, and by generations.  A lot of our work is focused on one-on-ones with clients to stimulate a discussion regarding trends based upon actual facts. After seven years (and counting!), we are proud to have worked with renowned brands from all over the world on their quest to improve CX.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of interest from clients wanting to have a broader understanding of the changing customer behavior. One such client is ASOS—a client that wanted to understand the trends and changes in their respective sector, and also wanted to know the trends and changes happening in specific countries, the benchmarks for other sectors, as well as benchmarking competitors.

Having actionable insights and data allows brands adjust their strategies, and ASOS is an example of a client who knows this well. Working with the CX Lab, ASOS was able to get an in-depth overview of their customers through our insights and utilized them to have a good snapshot of where the market is headed.

Darren Wakeling, Account Director at Teleperformance in the UK, shared his thoughts on working with the CX Lab. “Genuine independent customer insights are often difficult to find, and generally come with a cost,” Wakeling said. “The CX Lab has consistently presented actionable insights to ASOS over the last few years and built a fantastic reputation for impartial insight and knowledge, with the only motivation to support strategy and thought leadership. I would strongly recommend any client to benefit from these rich insights.”

As the dynamic between customers and brands continues to evolve, we at the CX Lab will remain committed to giving clients a holistic overview of the customer experience. We aim to help brands transform customer interactions into business results and customer loyalty. Elevate the customer experience today through insights from the CX Lab!

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