Forging a Path Towards Diversity and Growth
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Forging a Path Towards Diversity and Growth

Teleperformance - 08.31.2020

People-company, humanity-first. At Teleperformance, we are all about forging a path for our employees to thrive, to grow, and to develop.

The Teleperformance DNA is rooted in a culture of diversity and inclusion, where our people’s differences shine in many ways. Being a global company means we’re powered by over 330,000 different voices, giving us many ways and opportunities to create a positive impact.

Over the years, Teleperformance has made progress in paving the way for diversity, inclusivity, and growth to thrive in the workplace. With our goal of creating a more equal, more welcoming, and more inclusive environment for everyone, the journey is long but we have long started. TP Pride and TP Women have become an integral part of Teleperformance, further igniting our commitment to empower women and our LGBTQIA+ communities, to provide safe spaces, and promote equal opportunities. To date, 44% of management positions are held by women. As of the moment, TP Women is blazing the trail in amplifying women’s voices. “For 2020, our goals are very very simple, one, establishing an enhanced hiring process that ensures for internal and external hiring particularly for senior level positions like director, manager, director and above, that we have a way to capture and encapsulate a diverse group of individuals, and that there is a more clear selection process,” Chair of TP Women Miranda Collard shares. “We've asked our TP Women board and regional board members to carry out a mentee-mentor program in 2020,” Collard adds.

As Teleperformance continues to push forward, we believe we also have a responsibility to scale our ability to build a working environment where people can also grow. This is why we invest in training, people development, and providing enticing workspaces to give our employees the stage to shine even brighter. In 2019, 46 million hours were spent on training. Currently, over 70% of Teleperformance employees across five continents work at Great Place to Work and Best Place to Work-certified sites.

At Teleperformance, we have 330,000 ways to grow and be different together! Read our infographic below to find out more about our culture of diversity and inclusion.


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