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Teleperformance in Egypt is Best Place to Work

Teleperformance - 02.25.2021

As Teleperformance continues to maintain its role as a global leader in the industry, we remain passionate in creating an environment for our employees wherein they can thrive, learn, and express themselves truly. It is a place of diversity, of growth, and of development. Harnessing the trust of our employees and implementing their safety while enriching the employee experience are our top priorities. And when our employees acknowledge that we’re doing a good job by being recognized as a Best Place to Work, there is no greater feeling.

We are very happy to announce that Teleperformance has been certified as one of the Best Places to Work in Egypt and in the BPO Industry! The Best Place to Work recognition is a global HR certification program that recognizes leading workplaces globally. Its assessment focuses on a two-step process evaluating workplace factors including management, leadership, corporate culture, and opportunities among many others, as well as an employee satisfaction survey. It helps employers learn about their employees’ satisfaction and overall work experience.

Teleperformance in Egypt received high marks across various workplace aspects, including leadership, learning opportunities, organizational culture, and personal growth of employees. Moustafa Fahmy, CEO of Teleperformance in Egypt, stated: “This award represents everything we strive to do every day not only for our employees, but also for our customers, stakeholders, and community. This might be our first certification year and certainly won’t be our last!” 

With Teleperformance’s strong focus on creating a diverse work culture to let our employees grow and develop, this recognition serves as an inspiration to continue cultivating a positive work environment. “Our employees are our assets, and we always strive to cultivate a positive engaging work environment for them. This Best Places to Work in Egypt recognition has helped us reaffirm that what we work towards every day is recognized and valued by our industry!” said Maha Fahmy, Teleperformance in Egypt’s HR Director.

2021 proved to be a challenging year, yet the power of standing together with our employees allowed us to surpass trying times in the face of massive disruption. To gain the trust from our employees during such uncertain moments is something we consider priceless. "Despite the disruption brought about by the pandemic, Teleperformance in Egypt has succeeded in maintaining a culture that cares deeply about quality and well-being of the employees where the organization takes pride in the ongoing efforts to develop, support, and uplift employees in every facet of their roles,” commented Hamza Idrissi, Program Manager for Teleperformance in Egypt.

We fully celebrate this major win for our teams at Teleperformance in Egypt! You make us all proud, and even more committed to providing nothing but the best for our employees. Congratulations, Teleperformance in Egypt on this awesome achievement. We look forward to more soon! #Proud2beTP

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