The Future of Work at Hyperspeed
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The Future of Work at Hyperspeed

Teleperformance - 08.03.2021

During the peak of the global pandemic, many industries experienced accelerated adoption to ensure business agility and flexibility. Businesses tested the digital waters, opting to explore new paths to connect better with their customers. As COVID-19 continued to threaten operational continuity for most, the need to rapidly shift the workforce to a remote, work-from-home environment became evident.

Looking back at the year that was, it is clear that remote work has become crucial in improving business resilience in today’s changing landscape. In a white paper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, it has been observed that companies with a pre-existing work-at-home business model could rapidly migrate their workforce to a remote work environment. The white paper also states that companies must maintain some portion of work-at-home CX to ensure long-term flexibility should another disruption happen again.

As a global leader and innovator, Teleperformance has long seen the value of remote work and the many advantages of implementing cloud-based, work-at-home business models to help our clients serve their customers better today and in the future. In the first half of 2019, Teleperformance had already rolled out the Teleperformance Cloud Campus, an innovative model for managing and optimizing remote teams. That is why when the global pandemic triggered a massive disruption, Teleperformance was ready and able to respond to the call of the times, leading the transition to remote work by migrating over 220,000 active employees in just nine weeks.

Teleperformance and Citrix: Best Optimal Experience in Remote Work

In our LinkedIn Live event with Dev Mudaliar, Teleperformance’s Chief Intelligence Officer, and Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer at Citrix, we explored how Teleperformance’s partnership with Citrix has driven an optimal remote work experience for our clients and employees. Citrix is the world’s leading provider of digital workspace solutions.

Briefly touching on Teleperformance’s Cloud Campus model and high-tech, high-touch approach, Mudaliar then enthusiastically introduced the Teleperformance-Citrix partnership. “We learned quite a new way of doing things. That’s where Teleperformance launched the TP Cloud Campus — working anywhere, where the best talent is available,” he said. “We really concentrated on two big aspects: the high-tech and the high-touch. On the high-tech is where we collaborated with companies like Citrix, where we basically went ahead and saw what’s the best, secure, safe way to deploy technologies. And the high-touch is the new world — it’s Zoom, it’s the video, it’s people interacting remotely but effectively.”

As an industry pioneer for three decades, Citrix is committed to delivering intelligent and unified workspaces, empowering organizations to achieve more. Based in the United States, Citrix has over 400,000 customers and 100 million users. Minahan shared his thoughts on today’s remote work environment: “What we’ve all gone through has really eliminated a lot of the biases that maybe managers or even employees used to have — that work can only get done in the office.” He also added that “providing and using our own digital workspace technologies ensured that employees, no matter where they were working, not only had unified access or reliable access to all the work resources they needed, but that it was being delivered in a way that is incredibly secure.” 

By partnering with Citrix, Teleperformance has orchestrated the efficiency of its remote work solutions — precisely, efficiently, and effectively. Click here to learn more about this successful collaboration in our latest #TPLive session!

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