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The Unprecedented Step: Work-at-Home Solutions

Teleperformance - 04.13.2020

Having a work environment that explores the many avenues of work flexibility is no longer a privilege, especially at a time when a global health crisis continues to affect many lives around the world.

For employees, having work flexibility by being allowed to work from home as the world continues to seek a solution against the coronavirus (COVID-19) can yield positive results. By prioritizing employees' health and safety above everything else, employees would feel valued, and can lead to employee motivation that can greatly affect work productivity. According to Twitter's Head of Human Resources Jennifer Christie, this approach has already started seeing a positive change for the company: "We've gotten a lot of positive reactions to going in this direction in terms of putting the safety of our employees first, and so some other companies might be willing to take a leap," said Christie.

But for Teleperformance, the unprecedented step towards work flexibility through a successful work-at-home model has long reaped many benefits, not only for the company, but for our people as well. At a time when most companies are only starting to implement their respective work-at-home models, Teleperformance continues to lead the way towards becoming the world's largest provider of work-at-home global deployment. Through our work-at-home solutions implemented in our sites where the COVID-19 outbreak was severe, employees were given the opportunity to feel safe and protected, as well as allow Teleperformance to continue operations despite a challenging time.

To date, Teleperformance continues to employ thousands of interaction experts who work from home. Our high-performance work-at-home solutions operate in a highly secure platform that uses Teleperformance's operational processes and methodologies to ensure global practices are being observed. Moreover, clients can also benefit from a skilled workforce and talent as a result of our interaction experts receiving specialized training through self-learning modules and virtual classrooms. Agent safety, employee satisfaction, a highly-motivated workforce, and more flexibility for clients--these are the benefits of implementing a successful work-at-home model.

As the world gets ready to bounce back from this global health crisis, Teleperformance continues to make business continuity possible. We encourage everyone to stay protected, be informed, and to stay safe!

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