Upskilling in the New Normal
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Upskilling in the New Normal

Teleperformance - 09.15.2020

When companies and businesses experienced a massive disruption as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, the role of upskilling has become far more important--it has become a major need for companies and businesses in order to adapt with the demands of the customers. Changing business conditions have prompted employees to learn new skills in order to work in a more digital environment, as customers of today are heavily depending on digital transactions and online interactions.


Employee training and upskilling have become pivotal as businesses and companies slowly get back on their feet after a global pandemic. Tapping the right talent, harnessing their potential, and allowing them to learn new skills that are in demand in today’s digital world are also ways to empower employees and lift morale after difficult times caused by the global health crisis. As the number of employees who are now working from home rises, one challenge that comes to mind is how to effectively manage teams working in a remote environment, and this is where Teleperformance is one step ahead: say hello to the Teleperformance Cloud Campus, our model for hiring, training, engagement, and managing remote teams!


Teleperformance Cloud Campus is a multi-language command center hub Employee development is boosted through digital learning, coaching, and mentoring. Virtual training rooms and virtual engagement, are a must to increase employee fun, socialization, and education as part of the new Teleperformance “campus life.” This future-forward environment truly sets an industry benchmark that enables interactions between clients, customers, and our remote teams, while enhancing the customer experience and providing great opportunities for our workforce to learn, develop, and be motivated.


The workplace of the future is no longer a vision--it is already here, today. Take a virtual tour of the Teleperformance Cloud Campus here:


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