Manager Talent Acquisition
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Category HR & Recruitment
Full time

Location: Bangalore


  • Graduate from a recognized Institute or University in any discipline

Critical competencies:

  • Customer Focus
  • Driving Growth & Innovation
  • Communication & Influence
  • Initiative & Drive
  • Building talent

Key Skills:

  • Excellent written verbal Communication skills
  • Ability to motivate and inspire new & existing Teammates
  • Ability to evaluate a transaction and identify improvement areas
  • Ability to coach and improve performance of front level executives
  • Good analytical, Interpersonal & presentation skills
  • Should be able to identify situations which lead to a customer complaint and customer experience impacting areas
  • Must have a strong eye for detail and a thorough understanding of client expectations
  • Must display positive energy, service-oriented attitude towards all teammates
  • Should have knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Should be able to identify situations which lead to a complaint

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Managing frontline hiring.
  • Ensuring all the hiring targets as per the target time given across for achieving the requirements.
  • Offer Vs Joining data and attrition should be maintained.
  • Develops and implements new rollouts of company initiatives.
  • Develop and implement new employee referral schemes for internal employees.
  • Update and ensure data of all the employee referral schemes and pay for the same.
  • Ensure payment to all the consultants as per TAT.
  • To track the payments of all the employees through various modes of hiring.
  • Assists in the interview and selection process of Operation and Support hiring.
  • Select employees as per the job description.
  • Select employees as per the specific demographic and client skill requirement as they relate to recruiting while identifying and implementing best methods as they pertain to specific area.
  • Induction data to the TE team should be forwarded before the joining date..
  • Manages the development, implementation and gathering of recruiting reports including but not limited to staffing, weekly/end of month agent recruiting reports, open requisition report etc.
  • Reference check should be conducted for all Band 4 and above after the person joins the organization.
  • Ensure data is send to the MIS  team and is submitted on schedule and resolves issues, if any
  • Handle all queries, grievances and escalations from agents on the floor and ensure the same are resolved within committed timelines
  • To be a part of the IJP panel for selection of candidates
  • Facilitate information flow to the recruitment team on backfills and ramp-ups
  • Build effective vertical and horizontal communication channels
  • Regularly liaise with Corporate HR teams (HR Operations, HR MIS and HR Development) and other support functions like finance, administration etc.
  • Formulate long term plans for the development and motivation of Teams in Operations
  • Assist the Training team in the implementation of JUMP initiatives
  • Participate in the regular audits are conducted.
  • To have clear understanding of the functioning and hierarchy of each department.
  • Ensure agents and Team Leaders on the floor are aware of HR policies and procedures.
  • Preparing offer letter and issuing of offer letters.
  • Explaining all the related things in the offer letter as well as the job description of the person selected.
  • Coordinate with consultants for the recruitment.
  • Ensure various new ways of recruiting employees in the organization.
  • Proven ability to handle multiple priorities/ever changing work environment
  • History of meeting tight deadlines and results orientated
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Detail-orientated
  • Trains, develops, counsels Supervisors and Managers in the understanding and consistent application of company policies, procedures and employment law.
  • Manages, communicates, and implements programs implemented by Corporate Office and develops specific policies and procedures relative to the specific site as needed.
  • Works on special projects, as requested