Curating Back-Office to Drive Member Experience

Front office operations in contact centers have come a long way in measuring and understanding customer expectations using voice of customer (VOC) root cause analytics. However, front office and back-office operations often remain discrete silos, operating independently of one another, with disparate technology platforms, processes and people. Back-Office operations are primarily measured by efficiency and effectiveness while front office processes are measure on NPS, FCR and reducing member effort. We will explore how front office "up/down stream" back-office improvements will reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

In this session, Melissa O’Brien, Research Director at HfS and Teleperformance will:

- Highlight the existing front office, middle office and back-office silos
- Introduce HFS’s exciting concept of “Intelligent OneOffice™", vision, discuss frameworks and best practices for integration
- Provide insights into integrating them to One Office and how sharing synergies between the two divisions will lead to an improved customer experience
- Discuss real life examples using case studies of specific back-office processes that can be integrated with front office to lower the total cost of ownership.

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Melissa O'brien

Melissa O'Brien

Head of Research Operations, HFS Research

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