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Teleperformance's gaming customer services support players and meets them where they are. Who says learning can’t be fun? Explore and experience the many benefits of gamification, Teleperformance’s unique approach to content creation, training, knowledge transfer, and assessment.

TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have partnered to examine current and emerging trends across a wide variety of industries.

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Trend report: Player Support’s Moment to Shine

TrendzOwl and Teleperformance have partnered to examine current and emerging trends across the Gaming space, including a deeper look at newcomers and the reasons why some long-established gaming brands continue to flourish.


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Deliver rich, gaming customer services that captivate gamers, galvanizes their loyalty, and increases their lifetime value.

Online trust and safety

Protect both brand reputation and player safety

In today’s virtual and social world, protecting your users from harmful or abusive content has never been more important. Read the e-book to understand current trends and tips for designing a comprehensive Trust & Safety strategy.

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Felix Bradshaw

Felix Bradshaw

Global Leader for Videogaming, Gambling, and Esports

Nikos Sardellis

Nikos Sardellis

Global Vice President of Gambling at Teleperformance

Jonathan Alfonso

Jonathan Alfonso

Director of Business Development (Video Games)

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