Telecom Customer Services

Extend lifetime value

Gain and retain customers through elevated telecom customer services

Attract new customers and keep them longer by delivering exceptional telecom customer services at every touchpoint with end-to-end journey management.
Telecom Customer Services

Real results

Samsung: An effective formula for continuous CX success

In the Netherlands, and surrounding countries, Samsung and Teleperformance have established a partnership based on trust and innovation. An inherent part of the shared culture, the team is always looking for ways to optimize performance, apply process improvements, and create operational efficiencies.

Increase sales through more effective sales programs designed to acquire new customers and upsell/cross-sell existing users.

Extend the customer lifecycle by integrating front and back-office functions like billing and tech support to deliver consistent, high-quality support at every touchpoint.

Provide support wherever you need, from anywhere you want by customizing a delivery model that meets your unique business needs.

Accelerate time-to-market for introducing new telecom customer services, or easily scale existing services up or down as business needs change.

The impact

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Dan Kramer

Dan Kramer

President Client Solutions - Telecom

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