A healthy partnership

Empower employee health and well-being

Deliver healthcare experiences that educate, engage, and advocate for your employee population. Using a combination of hands-on help, data science, and smart technology, companies can help people better navigate the U.S. healthcare system and make healthy lifestyle choices. Partner with Health Advocate, a Teleperformance company, to improve health outcomes, reduce absenteeism, and lower costs.

Create consistency of care across your benefits ecosystem

Offer compassionate and tailored support and guidance – maximizing health outcomes

Provide help where and when it’s needed with smart, easily accessible digital tools — whether by phone, video, in-person, online, or chat

Transform data into action by identifying risks and closing gaps in care within your organization


Provide integrated, independent, and total health support

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Over 12K clients in all sizes and industries

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Servicing 20% of Fortune 100 companies

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Over 3M member interactions annually


Over 33% of gaps in care closed annually

Want to offer trusted and simplified healthcare in the United States?

Partner with Health Advocate, a Teleperformance company, to deliver proven, flexible, and responsive health services.

Real benefits for a US-based university

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At Teleperformance, we only hire the best in the business.

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