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Restructure business processes with efficiency and ease through TP Infinity, a one-of-a-kind team of more than 3,000 solutions consultants with the drive, expertise, and global resources to set your business process optimization strategies apart from the competition.

Automation at work

Samsung: Introducing Sam the chatbot

To handle volume increases and provide 24-hour support after staffing hours, Samsung in The Netherlands introduced Sam the chatbot. Working with experienced Teleperformance conversation designers, they outlined responses to common questions and implemented machine learning for continuous improvement.
Thumb Samsung
Apart from a robust partnership ecosystem, Teleperformance has invested in proprietary tools such as TP Interact for advanced analytics, TP RPA, TP Chat Bot, and TP Gamification for employees engagement.


Apply Lean Six Sigma practices to reduce waste in resources, processes, talent, and time, resulting in better overall service performance.

Leverage the deep knowledge of over 700 process experts worldwide, well-versed in applying Lean Six Sigma efficiencies and operational best practices.

Apply consistent process standards across all operations to optimize overall business performance.

Apply a human-centric approach to better understand customer needs and identify best practices.

Optimize operations through business process excellence

Leverage the profound experience of over 700 process experts worldwide, well-versed in applying Lean Six Sigma efficiencies, advanced analytical and statistical models, business process optimization reengineering, and intelligent solution frameworks.

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