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Take a comprehensive approach with our business transformation service

Optimize your business

Achieve long-term success through business-wide transformation

business transformation service


Achieve productivity benefits through intelligent automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Generate actionable business insights from vast amounts of unused customer interaction data.

business transformation service

Process excellence

Improve both process effectiveness and efficiency using target operating models and Lean Six Sigma process disciplines.

Teleperformance is determined to be a true knowledge partner to its clients with advanced global digital business services based on strategic insights from its suite of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), robotic desktop automation (RDA), and robotic process automation (RPA) tools to ensure success in a rapidly changing, digital world.


Generate actionable insights by identifying patterns from vast customer data sets.

Apply our deep technology and industry knowledge to identify improvement areas and increase profitability.

Create and implement a customized transformation plan based on our deep solution expertise.

Continuously innovate and adapt to address changing business needs.

A business transformation service that creates results

+ %

increase in sales conversion leveraging T.A.P. interaction analytics

+ %

increase in customer satisfaction leveraging T.A.P. digital solutions

- %

reduction in cost to serve through T.A.P. intelligent automation

Proven practices

Optimize your business with T.A.P., our comprehensive and proven approach to business transformation that combines decades of experience and our deep, industry-specific knowledge.
Extensive Technology Ecosystem

Extensive technology ecosystem

Put our partnerships to work for you

We can design the perfect solution for your business by leveraging our vast partner ecosystem. We collaborate with leading technology vendors and software developers to create innovative solutions built to address your specific business and industry needs.

Inspired to be the best

Drive real results through digital transformation

We utilize data-driven insights to streamline processes and eliminate functional silos to optimize efficiency across your business. At Teleperformance, we are driven to accomplish the amazing. We are inspired to deliver the very best solutions for our clients, and it’s embedded deep within our DNA. 


Advanced analytics that generated a ROI of 100%

One such innovation has been the application of speech and data analytics, which has helped to streamline and improve performance enough to pay for itself completely. Rather than needing supervisors to review calls manually, they can now let the system do the work for them.

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