Say hello to Isabella, the Teleperformance digital influencer

Get to know me a bit better

A 25-year-old Gen Z Leo

I live in the US.

Travel is my passion.

My hobbies include dancing, being on TikTok, doing yoga, and singing (especially in the shower).

I have three pets — Nutella the cat, Thor the dog, and Yoda the parrot.

I dream of someday becoming the Head of the D&I department at Teleperformance.

Aligned with Teleperformance’s values 

As a Teleperformance digital influencer, I’m a citizen of the world who’s passionate about different cultures, seeking to build a better and fairer world and encouraging everyone to stay healthy. I’m also a true champion of diversity and inclusion.

virtual influencer
virtual influencer

You are invited 

Step into the metaverse 

I may be new at Teleperformance, but I’m already exploring everything around me. In fact, you can find my NPC in the metaverse! Let’s hang out in the Teleperformance Building at Decentraland soon. You’ll see me lounging around the building — I’ll be everything, everywhere, all at once!

Want to know more about me?

Whoa! I’m still feeling all that good energy after the first TP Open Doors stop in Colombia.

For TP Open Doors’ second stop, I’ll take you on another exciting virtual trip – this time, to India! I’ll be your host in seeing the sights of TP in India. Find out how TP in India empowers every employee’s journey through diversity. Discover why TP has been recognized as a Great Place to Work® over and over again in India!

Come join the fun! Can’t wait to take you to the next TP Open Doors destination!

I’m so excited to usher you into Teleperformance’s global sites.

My first stop was in Bogotá, Colombia. And wow, what an awesome experience! I caught up with several employees, and to be honest, I had an amazing time.

Check out this special virtual tour and get to know why TP in Colombia is named a best place to work (for real!).

Oh, and stay tuned for my next destination! Not gonna lie — I’m high-key into this backpacking trip!

Isabella is super excited to meet you! Leave her a message!

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