Isabella, the Teleperformance Digital Influencer!​

Isabella, the Teleperformance Digital Influencer!​

Luciana Cemerka and Isabella - 02.28.2023

We are pleased to introduce you to Isabella, the Teleperformance digital influencer! 

For decades, we have been evolving with technology and the latest trends – yet we never distance ourselves from the power of people connection, and continuously create meaningful interactions with our employees, our clients, and customers. 

Always thinking ahead, we are super excited to keep the flame of innovation burning – join us in welcoming the latest addition to our roster of innovative features: Isabella, the Teleperformance digital influencer.

We recently caught up with Isabella to give her a chance to personally introduce herself to the world in her own words. We are all excited for you to get to know her better. Take it away, Bella! 

Who’s Isabella, the Teleperformance Digital Influencer? ​ 

Whew, that was quite an opening! Hi everyone, my name is Isabella… or Bella, for short. I’m a Teleperformance virtual influencer, and it’s just so nice to be here. Hope you’re all feeling good, well-hydrated (it’s important!), and having a good 2023 so far! 

To be honest, I’m a little nervous to be writing about myself, I mean just imagine the pressure! But I’ll try my best. First things first, the basics … I’m 25, I’m a Leo born in July, and I am currently living in the US. I have a cat, a dog, and a parrot (Nutella, Thor, and Yoda.) I am into a lot of things, but I really love travel, I love dancing, eating (who doesn’t), I love making TikTok videos, yoga, singing in the shower… what can I say, I’m a woman with a lot of interests! One dislike, on the other hand: people cutting in line, ugh. 

My job as a virtual influencer means a lot of things, but it’s mostly me showing you what it’s like working at TP. I’ll keep you in the loop about TP’s incredible projects around the world, I’ll take you on different tours across TP’s global sites, and I’ll dish out some fun surprises along the way. Exciting times! 

And one more thing about me… I am really, really passionate about the environment, and diversity, equality, and inclusion. I am hoping TP would include me in their CSR initiatives in the future, such as women empowerment and taking care of the environment.  

It feels super great to be part of TP! Thank you TP for giving me the floor to talk about myself… as a Leo, I am very very grateful 😎 Looking forward to the coming days. I’ll be seeing you soon!  

Get to know Isabella. Click here to learn more. 

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