Why work at Teleperformance?

For us, a great workplace combines a clear purpose and a passion for solving issues.

We’re always prepared for any

We are looking for fearless people. People who believe that if you are not doing your best, it’s not worth it. People who believe in a new way of listening, understanding, and interacting - people who believe in people. So, if you are ready for a challenge, we’re ready for you.

“Each Interaction Matters” isn’t just a tagline. It’s a promise.


We have a simple belief—Each Interaction Matters. It means that each interaction is an opportunity to rebuild trust, improve business results, and transform people’s lives. And the only path to meaningful interactions is through taking care of people’s emotions. It’s having empathy, a fresh perspective, and raw energy to bring solutions and the willingness to help. And knowing that what most would call the finish line is where the real work starts.

Better Active Listening March 2022

Better active listening

Better Issue Solving And Solutions For A Higher First Contact Resolution March 2022

Better issue solving and solutions for a higher first contact resolution

Better Pact Of Loyalty Renewal With Customers March 2022

Better pact of loyalty renewal with customers

Better Proprietary It Solutions To Implement Connectivity With Clients It Architecture March 2022

Better proprietary IT solutions to implement connectivity with clients' IT architecture

We are interaction experts.


We stand out from the rest—we understand the layers of the customer relationship, connecting the most respected brands with their customers no matter the channel of their choice. As an extension of each one of our clients, we can make a positive impact for brands and make a difference in people’s lives every day.


We’re always supported by technology to enhance what brings us together: our shared humanity.

Our data:

*2021 Interbrand survey ranking

At Teleperformance, we believe that good is never good enough.

Whether working from an office or working from home, we’re 100% committed to building the best teams and helping each employee achieve their full potential. Like these great athletes, we are inspired to be the very best.

The benefits

A collaborative and inspiring culture, and we celebrate all you achieve here. We offer a competitive package inclusive of programs that support your physical, emotional well-being, innovative ideas, and lots of fun.

Putting the spotlight on meaningful employee experiences

Express yourself in a diverse and fun environment where differences are embraced. At Teleperformance, we build connections with our employees and make moments that aim to put a smile or two on everyone’s faces.

We are all in for you, and the community.

Your success and a diverse and inclusive community is built into our DNA. TP is committed to creating a workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our company. We’ve a long-standing commitment to making our company more inclusive and the world more equal, where everybody belongs.

Here you will learn, thrive, and evolve:

Don’t take our word for it.

Who is a better judge of what working at TP is like than our own team? Here’s what some of them think about life at TP.

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