Cloud Campus

Work-at-home that really works

Put our experience managing and optimizing more than 250,000 remote employees to work for your business. The innovative Teleperformance Cloud Campus model keeps remote employees connected and engaged while improving business KPIs.

Leading the work-from-anywhere movement

Teleperformance Cloud Campus has been recognized by the industry for innovation, security, and talent management.

Socially engaged and connected teams

Physical distance does not mean socially distant

Our carefully designed Cloud Campus model was built from the ground up to effectively connect, engage, and manage remote teams. Developed before the COVID-19 crisis, this comprehensive work-at-home model optimizes performance and ensures the same level of engagement with our clients’ brand culture as site-based teams. We believe that happy, engaged teams deliver exceptional experiences.

The advantages are clear

Including a work-at-home option in your service delivery mix offers significant business, recruiting, and environmental benefits.


WISH: At the Forefront of the Work-at-Home Revolution

Looking for ways to address volume fluctuations and forecasting challenges, US-based online marketplace Wish chose to add capacity with the innovative Teleperformance Cloud Campus model. Adding capacity with work-at-home agents offered the versatility Wish needed, and this revolutionary approach for managing remote teams also delivered exceptional service quality, consistency, and efficiency. Read the E-book to learn more.

Elevate work-at-home with Cloud Campus

Our innovative, proven platform delivers the same level of quality, consistency, and performance as a traditional model through five key areas:

Real business benefits

Customize the right solution for your business

Eliminate geographic barriers while increasing business agility and accelerating time-to-market. Our flexible Cloudshoring model can be customized to meet a client’s local, regional, or global operational needs.

Working from one of our 400+ campuses

Benefits of offshoring from other country

Effective operations outside your country

Partnerships that power the future

The future of work at hyperspeed

In our LinkedIn Live event with Dev Mudaliar, Teleperformance’s Chief Intelligence Officer, and Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer at Citrix, we explored how Teleperformance’s partnership with Citrix has driven an optimal remote work experience for our clients and employees. Citrix is the world’s leading provider of digital workspace solutions.

29 Cloud Campus physical hubs all over the world

Centralized Cloud Campus hubs

With Cloud Campus physical hubs, Teleperformance offers unmatched staffing flexibility that can address changing business needs. Cloud Campus offers virtual customer support through digital channels with unlimited access to resources in any language. It uses the latest technologies while maintaining the highest standards of security, performance, and operational excellence as a traditional business model.

Increase your knowledge

The future of work is here.

Speak to a business services expert today to design your ideal, future-ready delivery model.

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