Maurices: A Partnership Driven by Performance

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When US-based retailer Maurices detected a decline in customer satisfaction scores (C-SAT) scores in 2010, they knew it was time to engage an external expert. They needed to improve C-SAT, as well as the overall customer experience (CX).

So Maurices partnered with Teleperformance to define a three-pronged approach to address these key challenges:


  • Update the C-SAT review process
  • Streamline the escalation process
  • Introduce transformative technology through Training Arcade to target identified causal factors

Through weekly C-SAT deep dives, daily reviews of lines of business (LOBs), and gamified learning, weaknesses were identified and addressed proving that what can be measured can be improved.


work-at-home since early 2021


improvement in C-SAT scores


reduction in monthly attrition

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Founded in 1931, Maurices, an American women’s clothing retail chain based in Minnesota, mirrors Teleperformance’s belief in putting people at the core of what they do. Today, Teleperformance manages 100% of Maurices’ contact center support in sales and customer service — a twelve-year partnership that continues to exceed expectations.


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