Innovating to Lead: Teleperformance in Germany Named Company of the Year

Innovating to Lead: Teleperformance in Germany Named Company of the Year

Teleperformance - 07.14.2023

Teleperformance’s evolution over the past four decades has been marked by leadership and constant innovation. Today, we remain relentless in helping organizations adapt to change and master the future and deliver digitally powered business services that assist our clients in streamlining and transforming their business in meaningful and sustainable ways. As we face the future, we continue to improve and enhance our digital business services through technology adoption. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, rapidly adapting and evolving to gain a competitive edge in highly changing markets in various regions around the world.


For our efforts, we are truly proud to be the recipient of the 2023 German Company of the Year Award, given to Teleperformance by the prestigious Frost & Sullivan. Leading the European outsourcing market, Teleperformance posted considerable growth by combining human touch, implementing innovative digital business services to improve customer care, and embodying diversity and inclusion.


Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award recognizes companies that demonstrate excellence in terms of growth strategy, innovation with products and technologies, and strong market and customer value leadership.


In its press release, Frost & Sullivan commended Teleperformance’s expertise in four key verticals, including banking and financial services, healthcare, e-Commerce, and retail. Furthermore, the expansion of our service portfolio to include AI-powered services was also highlighted, enhancing our capabilities to offer real-time monitoring, analytics, fraud detection, and content moderation.


“Teleperformance offers a bespoke journey and a comprehensive product portfolio, excelling in the German outsourcing services market with innovative capabilities to improve agents’ productivity. Its strong operational performance and multilingual hubs increase operational efficiency and optimize budgets,” stated Sebastian Menutti, Industry Principal at Frost & Sullivan. “With its strong overall performance, Teleperformance earns the 2023 Frost & Sullivan German Company of the Year Award in the outsourcing services industry.


With this stellar recognition, we reinforce our commitment to further strengthen our best practices to enable global and regional growth, leadership, and constant innovation. Congratulations to our teams in Germany – we truly appreciate you! As always, together we are #ProudtobeTP.




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