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Partnering to Create an Intelligent and Efficient Customer Service Operation

Learn how Samsung successfully applied:

  • A.I. and automation to deliver 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced analytics that generated an ROI of 100%
  • A robust and comprehensive work-from-home model
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In the Netherlands, and surrounding countries, Samsung and Teleperformance have established a partnership based on trust and innovation. An inherent part of the shared culture, the team is always looking for ways to optimize agent performance, apply process improvements, and create operational efficiencies.
One such innovation has been the application of speech and data analytics, which has helped to streamline and improve performance enough to pay for itself completely. Rather than needing supervisors to review calls manually, they can now let the system do the work for them.
To handle volume increases and provide 24-hour support after staffing hours, Samsung has created Sam the chatbot. Working with experienced Teleperformance conversation designers, they’ve outlined responses to common questions, and have implemented machine learning for continuous improvement.
Since incorporating Sam, the improvements have been so significant that Samsung Electronics Benelux has completely shut off email and Samsung chat as customer service channels.
During the COVID-19 crisis, Samsung was able to transition their workforce quickly to work- from-home to avoid disruption, keeping agents safe, while also improving employee satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, they’re looking to further innovate and refine remote operations with Teleperformance’s Cloud Campus.
Samsung Eletronics Benelux B.V.
You can learn more about Samsung by reading this article featured on Facebook for Developers about using Messenger to deliver best-in-class customer support.The article outlines how Samsung sought a cutting-edge solution that was fully aligned with its mission to inspire the world through innovative technologies. 
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