Applying Global Teleperformance Best Practices Under: COVID-19

Applying Global Teleperformance Best Practices Under: COVID-19

Teleperformance - 05.25.2020

During this unprecedented time, Teleperformance is partnering with employees and clients to overcome the crisis together. We continue to share and leverage best practices across our regions to ensure continuity of business operations and the delivery of excellent results for our clients -- while also putting the health and safety of our employees first.

The successful formula consisted of three components – the right deployment model, strong partnerships, and the ideal balance between technology and human empathy.

The Right Deployment Model -- Work-at-Home (WAHA)

COVID-19 has quickly become a global “disruptor,” affecting people, businesses, and economies—all over the world, health and safety has become the number one focus. The safest way to ensure both employee safety and business continuity was to enable Work-at-Home (WAHA) capabilities for a significant number of our operations.

Now, weeks later and with 80% of our Teleperformance active interaction experts working from home, employees are safe and clients are expressing their gratitude for our unwavering support.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you and well done for all the hard work you have carried out in the last two weeks in setting up the teams to work from home. You have shown much professionalism and a great "can do" attitude. It's been really impressive to see how proactive you have been in setting up and testing the systems, how fast and sensitively you have reacted to the difficult situation prioritising everyone's safety and how efficient and positive the team have been in dealing with this new situation and even helping out on different markets!" -Photobox, Albania

Our employees are the soul of who we are and what we do. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children and friends to those around them. So, nothing is more important than offering them the same empathy, compassion, and support they show our clients and customers each and every day.  And that attention to employee engagement and well-being comes through in the experiences delivered to end-customers in need.

“So grateful for all the efforts at Teleperformance at every level - it's been impressive. The agents tackling record numbers of emails and phone calls back-to-back, reassuring a worried customer base…. The senior and central Teleperformance team for getting a working-from-home solution in place -- much more comprehensive than we thought we would get, which helps keep the team safe and help stop the spread of the virus.”  - Guardian News & Media, United Kingdom
The Right Partnership

Work-at-home technology is neither new, nor unique to Teleperformance. But what is unique is our deep knowledge of deploying and managing remote teams while optimizing results. No one in the industry is better suited to quickly implement a safe, secure, stable, and successful work-at-home deployment. No one.

“Your team is doing a PHENOMENAL job working with us right now.  TP clearly stands out as the partner that has given us the greatest sense of urgency, insights into what is happening across GEOs to plan for, and in rapidly spinning up capacity at a pace for GEOs, LOBs and headcount we never would have dreamed of pre-COVID19.  Despite everything on their plates, the responsiveness has been off-the-charts amazing – virtually around the clock.” -Sirius XM, United States

The Right Balance Between High-Tech and High-Touch

Caring for people is what we do here. It’s in our DNA, and in how we’ve always defined Teleperformance. Human compassion, care, and dignity have never been needed more. So, at this time of great uncertainty, anxiety, our interaction experts are delivering the exceptional service and empathy people need.

Plus, with Teleperformance’s keen focus on harnessing the power and scale of technology, our dedicated teams are keeping essential business accessible for the people that need them.

“THANK YOU! Other words do not come to my mind when I look back at these past four weeks. ​More than ever, we have shown how well we work as a team in difficult situations. We have not only managed to put in place WAHA solutions in a record time, but we have also managed, from home, to be even closer to our clients and improve both the resolution and the satisfaction.” -Vodafone, Spain

Delivering the right business partnership and strong results are the Teleperformance way. We’re here when our clients need us – now and after the pandemic.

“So, let’s take care of each other. Let’s be human together. And let’s remember that no one within our extended Teleperformance family is facing this crisis alone.” -Daniel Julien, Teleperformance Founder and CEO

Introducing Teleperformance Cloud Campus

So, having an efficient and effective work-at-home business model has become business-critical. This is why Teleperformance continues to break new ground in recruiting and managing remote teams.

Now, home-based interaction experts can work from anywhere in the world while remaining connected virtually to their Teleperformance team through one of our Cloud Campus Hubs. These centralized command centers keep remote agents connected and engaged while providing an opportunity for clients to interact with a dispersed workforce.

Visit our Cloud Campus page to learn more and take our two-minute tour.

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