In Pursuit of Insights: Celebrating the Teleperformance CX Lab Under: Customer Experience
Customer Experience

In Pursuit of Insights: Celebrating the Teleperformance CX Lab Under: Customer Experience

Marina Netto - 06.12.2020

Over the years, the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) has
been an integral part of our company. Armed with a passion for providing
relevant and important insights that aid our partners and clients understand customer behavior, the CX Lab continues to bring customers closer to brands by providing a holistic customer experience overview, allowing our clients get an in-depth look at their customers’ buying behaviors, brand perception, and the factors that drive customer satisfaction.

The evolution of the CX Lab has been evident as it learns more about customers every day. Now on its 7 th year, its growth has been immense, expanding knowledge and empowering companies all over the world. Its annual Global CX Survey continues to widen its reach, having added sectors and country studies to further help clients and partners.

We have witnessed and experienced how customers and customer behavior change through the years. When the Lab was launched seven years ago, instant messaging was in its infancy, and Gen Z was too young to fill out surveys. Now we have over 1,000,000 survey responses from five generations and 18 sectors, with today’s customers telling us their expectations for the future. We have also seen new companies disrupt the market and the rise and fall of trends, which in turn--have helped clients anticipate an even greater digital acceleration or disruption. The annual survey’s respondents now include the “consumers of tomorrow” letting us in on their preferences and behaviors, with 700 companies having benefited from the CX Lab’s insights in 25 countries.

Now in a period when even the disruptors are being disrupted and customer loyalty is still a key prize, our focus remains on offering insights and meaningful data to guide our partners and clients. As Teleperformance goes further, we remain relentless in our pursuit to bring insights to our clients, bridge the generational gap, and guide companies on the CX journey.

We are proud to celebrate seven years of providing insightful data for companies all over the world!

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