Winning the COVID-19 Fight: 155,000 TP Interaction Experts Now Working from Home

Winning the COVID-19 Fight: 155,000 TP Interaction Experts Now Working from Home

Daniel Julien - 04.28.2020

COVID-19 persists, and so must we.

These are truly extraordinary times that require decisive action, so Teleperformance remains intensely focused on protecting the lifeblood of our company. Our employees.

So, as a result of many, many long hours and painstaking work, our #TPheroes around the world – in close, proactive partnership with our clients -- have labored tirelessly to achieve an unprecedented milestone. On April 23rd, we have accomplished our goal of transitioning two-thirds of our operational workforce to a work-at-home model – over 155,000 Teleperformance interaction experts!

During these past few weeks and months, our mission has been very clear, and accelerated activation of home-based interaction experts has remained the cornerstone of our employee protection mandate because it:

§ Ensures the safety of those working at home by allowing them to self-isolate

§ Significantly increases physical distancing at our facilities by reducing the on-site population

§ Ensures stable, yet flexible business continuity for our clients and their customers – especially those supporting essential services around the world

§ Contributes to keeping our communities safe

Again, I can’t say enough to express my deepest appreciation for all our TP family has done to make this vision a reality – from IT teams who have personally delivered desktops to agents’ homes, to facility teams going to great lengths to procure special, commercial grade disinfectants and apply them frequently to sanitize our sites. This has been an incredible team effort that demonstrates our Teleperformance spirit.

We’ve remained committed to our employees, communities, clients, and end-customers,

doing everything possible to support all of you – including assisting local and global essential services, such as emergency response agencies and healthcare providers, and more. Despite life’s challenges, it has been truly incredible to witness the resilience of the human spirit and truly heroic acts.

To better illustrate what our TP teams have achieved, I’d like to share a few messages of appreciation we’ve received from grateful clients during the crisis:

“Your team is doing a PHENOMENAL job. TP clearly stands out as the partner that has given us the greatest sense of urgency, spinning up capacity at a rate we never would have dreamed of pre-COVID19. The responsiveness has been off-the-charts amazing.” -- SiriusXM

“More than ever, we have shown how well we work as a team in difficult situations. We have not only managed to put in place WAHA solutions in a record time, but we have also managed to be even closer to our customers and improve both the resolution and satisfaction.” -- Vodafone

"My genuine gratitude and thanks for all your continuing support and hard work in helping the Royal Navy with our recruiting effort. I know the professionalism, dedication and hard work of you all ensures we carry on attracting people to join the Royal Navy today and in the future.” -- Royal Navy

“I have been immensely proud of your efforts in ensuring we get as many people supporting our customers as possible – this has meant the cross-skilling of some, and indeed a change of channel (or both) for others. To see that effort also translate into positive results is a fabulous achievement.” – NPower

“A big thank you and “well done” for all the hard work carried out in the last two weeks to set up the teams to work from home. It's been really impressive to see how proactive you have been and it feels really good to see stability and know that the teams are all safe.” - Photobox

 “I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of D&G for enabling Home Working so quickly. This has enabled us to continue to offer a service to our customers whilst also generating crucial new business.” – Domestic & General

“Dear amazing #tpheroes. THANK YOU for holding our lines during this challenging time! THANK YOU for enabling all employees for work-at-home. We are grateful having you as a partner by our side! We are stronger than the virus!” – Digital Charging Solutions

Together, we really are stronger than the virus!

These are just a few of the many, many kind and appreciative messages conveyed by our client partners that reflect the intensity and determination our teams have maintained throughout this crisis. And we absolutely intend to stay the course until our communities are safe once again.

So, let’s all stay safe, and take care of one another. Together, we shall overcome!

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