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Our latest technology has helped Trust And Safety in India transform the way businesses function and how our customers engage and collaborate. We deliver customized solutions globally, across all industry sectors to help you manage your Trust and Safety needs. Adoption of digital technologies and with Trust And Safety Services in India has facilitated the shift to most transactions online.

With our Content Moderation Services in India we help you protect YOUR BUSINESS and CUSTOMERS by efficiently monitoring online content, mitigate potential risks, and safeguard user authenticity to guarantee integrity, without compromising on accuracy, and safety across your entire digital existence.


Everest Group recognizes Teleperformance as a Trust and Safety leader

OUR REPUTATION as a Global Trust & Safety Leader
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We highlight user reviews, comments, and all online interactions such as uploads with the aid of machine learning supported by human moderators

Our advanced technology screens shopping sites for inauthentic reviews, scams, fraud, and illegal sellers, buyers, and transactions.

Our Algorithms track and review any use of your screens and authentic content to confirm they are authorized.

We appraise for deciptive, unsuitable, or malware content and eliminate ads that target or harm users.

We check your apps meet Google and Apple policies and protect your users with script-level reviews.

We ascertain forged or false accounts, unwarranted access, and unlawful activities and take off accounts per your policy.

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TP Trust & Safety Delivers Content Management And Moderation Services In More Than 22 Countries

Real results

Increased efficiency and improved reputation on social media

After integrating channels, one Teleperformance client was able to streamline processes and strengthen their online reputation.

decrease in negative mentions

increase in brand reputation

increase in positive brand sentiment

We are trusted with billions of unique interactions worldwide.

Teleperformance India is the designated Center of Excellence for Back-Office Outsourcing Services and Transformation Solutions for seamless Customer Engagement powered by Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

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