Online risk mitigation

Protect brand

Defend against malicious behavior such as online fraud, hate speech, and cyberattacks using an intelligent, comprehensive AI-fueled solution that:

  • Protects company and customer data from dangerous predators 
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Safeguards your brand's reputation
  • Save you from losing money due to public indiscretion

Global Trust & Safety leadership delivered by the world’s #1 CX provider

Our numbers speak for themselves:

Strategic insights

Content safety trends and strategies

Protecting companies and customers from online threats has become a business imperative. See how one of the world’s largest social networking platforms have implemented advanced ad moderation solutions using a digital-plus-human approach.
The Social Media Effect On Cx

A proven approach trusted by the world’s best brands

The Social Media Effect On Cx

White paper

The social media effect on CX

With the dramatic rise of social media and accelerated adoption on online tools and communities, online risk monitoring, mitigation, and moderation have become business imperatives for all brands.

GDPR, data compliance, use and retention of user data

Financial fraud, anti-money laundering, intellectual property, account authentication, sensitive user data

Brand risk mitigation, fake news, organic, paid and commercial content review, user-initiated content, app and developer review

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