Growing Presence of Content Moderation

As people shop, socialize, work, and entertain themselves online, they’re generating vast amounts of data. Threat actors can use this data to harm brand reputation, customer relationships and the bottom line. This is where content moderation comes in. 

Content Moderation refers to the act of checking user-generated content against a standardized set of guidelines to validate if the content is suitable to be posted online. By moderating content online, users can be safeguarded from experiencing disturbing, malicious or inappropriate content.  

Our Content Moderation Advantage

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Teleperformance in India Protects You in a Secure Online Environment

We keep harmful predators from your platforms by removing content or accounts, as appropriate. Our teams use human values, technical know-how, problem-solving skills, user insights and Machine Learning algorithms to keep the environment safe for genuine users.

We defend you and your customers in six critical areas:

  1. User-generated content moderation
  2. Ad moderation and monetization
  3. E-Commerce, shopping, payment/fraud review
  4. Developer and application support
  5. Identity and account authorization
  6. Digital Media & Copyrights

Built on our Lean Six Sigma T.A.P.TM framework, our self-enhancing, intelligent, content moderation toolkit implants into your existing platforms and technology ecosystem and protects you with continual innovation.

Our best-in-class technology for content moderation services in India with the largest geo footprint and our expert native language speakers, efficiently implement the required level of content oversight.

Our Trust and Safety Training Academy, holistic approach, and culture ensure that our people have the highest skills and knowledge and guarantee employee well-being.

Flexibility in scaling operations based on seasonality or change in volume trends.

Leverage our multilingual interaction experts to project a presence across multiple channels in India.

Our achievements supporting a leading global short-video platform

Process Improvement Projects

  • Reduction in ‘age bucket’ related errors
  • Reduction in errors related to policies of explicit Nudity
  • Improved Image Filter BMCR accuracy
  • New RCA format preparation

Are you looking for Content Moderation Outsourcing in India?

A Trusted Partner for Your Content Moderation Needs

We, at Teleperformance in India, are trusted with billions of unique interactions worldwide. Our content moderation services are increasing in popularity due to our renown as a Trust and Safety leader, as recognized by the Everest Group, and our capability to provide customized and accurate solutions.

We are trusted with billions of unique interactions worldwide.

Teleperformance India is the designated Center of Excellence for Back-Office Outsourcing Services and Transformation Solutions for seamless Customer Engagement powered by Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Want to connect with us? Contact us:

Gurugram: +91 124 422 1050

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