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Balance advanced, telehealth services with human understanding and empathy to provide the right level of patient support at the right time.

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Protect sensitive patient data with a human-plus-AI approach

New technologies introduced in recent years, along with process improvements and closer attention to mitigating human errors provide an effective formula for establishing a comprehensive approach to data privacy and security. Learn the latest from our most recent collaboration with MIT Technology Review Insights.

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Empower employee health and well-being

Deliver healthcare experiences that educate, engage, and advocate for your employee population. Using a combination of hands-on help, data science, and smart technology, companies can help people better navigate the U.S. healthcare system and make healthy lifestyle choices. Partner with Health Advocate, a Teleperformance company, to improve health outcomes, reduce absenteeism, and lower costs.

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Robert Jimenez

Robert Jimenez

Chief Business Development Officer
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Jeff Hechemy

Senior Executive Vice President of Client Solutions - Healthcare

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