Code of ethics

1. Code of Ethics Objectives

The objectives of this Code are to define the rules, conduct, actions, behavior and relationship that we shall adopt (i) towards our employees, officers, service providers, vendors, clients, customers, community (the places where we live, work or serve and the world at large), media, public agencies, nonprofit organizations and shareholders and that (ii) our employees, officers, service providers, vendors, clients, customers, community, media, public agencies, nonprofit organizations and shareholders should adopt in order to try to ensure Teleperformance makes a positive contribution to its community, while enhancing its relationship with its employees, officers, service providers, clients, customers, collective community, the media, public agencies and non-profit organizations.

For questions about its application, your manager is the first contact who can assist you in ethical questions. If your manager is unavailable, you can address your questions to alternate local points of contact (if applicable). You can also always submit all of your questions and comments to the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (the CSR Committee) at


2. Our Culture

2.1. Our Values are our genetic code

Our values are at the very core of our corporate culture. Therefore, Teleperformance requires that everyone within the organization follows them wholeheartedly at all times. Our values are:

cosmos integrity

Being true, authentic & living our values, since they are the pillars on which all of our relationships are built.

earth respect

We cultivate what each has to offer, with respect generating respect.

metal profissionalism

Through our quality and skill, we transform interactions into golden experiences. 

air innovation

Change is the constant wind that fills our sails; we both embrace it and propose it. 

fire commitment

Commitment ignites our actions and drives our performance. It fuels our passion for a job well done.


2.2. Diversity

Understanding, respecting and encouraging the diversity among our employees means that we allow each individual to be himself/herself with their own cultural, religious, political and other personal beliefs. Respect of diversity is part of our values and is present in all dealings with the company.


3. Ethical Relationships

All of our relationships should be based on respect for personal dignity, integrity and privacy (except in cases provided for in official security policies) of our clients, customers, shareholders, employees, contractors, vendors, competitors and entities, regardless of position or title employed.

Any kind of discrimination, disqualification, intimidation or embarrassment is unacceptable.


 3.1. Relationship with the Client

Teleperformance's relationship with its clients should be based on respect, transparency and a profound sense of partnership. We act following our values, always striving for excellence in service quality and complete satisfaction in customer service. Teleperformance highly values and protects the confidentiality of information provided by our customers. 

Teleperformance has built its success on the ability to deliver quality services that satisfies our clients and their customers. We are very attentive to our clients’ needs and expectations and have set up methods to measure full satisfaction of our clients. Teleperformance treats all clients on the same business basis.


3.2. Relationship with the Employee

Teleperformance offers equal career opportunities, regardless of origin, sexual orientation, gender, race, age, religion, rank or membership with professional associations. It contributes to providing a safe and healthy work environment, with freedom of expression with respect to the integrity and privacy of individuals, and there is no tolerance for any kind of threat or harassment. It proposes preservation initiatives for health and safety at work through anti-stress programs, health and sports activities and awareness programs. Furthermore Teleperformance Premises Standard provides blueprints and detailed guidance in safety and security, lighting and acoustics, proximity and hands-on management and employee wellbeing in work areas, common areas, training and recruitment and in particular the leisure areas. Teleperformance encourages and develops leadership as a means of promoting the relationship between the various hierarchical levels, respects the rights of employees and their relationship with the company, always based on trust and loyalty. Teleperformance’s employees are fully aware of the responsibility for their activities and functions, not using their positions or inside information to benefit themselves or others. They respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of information. They treat everyone as equals, with attitudes based on shared learning, cooperation and transparency, making the work interaction pleasant and respectful with coworkers, contractors, service providers and shareholders, regardless of rank. Teleperformance employees are committed to the company’s purposes; they cooperate for its achievements and fulfill the company’s internal procedures, policies and standards. We also encourage our employees to set an example of decency, fairness and integrity and to promote the rules of this Code.

If you are an employee of Teleperformance and feel that your relationship with your manager or co-workers does not comply with the above rules, feel free to contact the CSR Committee at


3.3. Relationship with Investors

Teleperformance values transparent, accurate, and complete communication of truthful information and allows the monitoring of activities and company performance to the extent permissible by law.

Teleperformance complies with local, state and federal laws in force and applicable to its business.

Our shareholders’ trust is key, and we ensure year after year that our commitments are fulfilled. Our corporate team ensures that all governance rules that are applicable are duly met in a timely manner. We comply with rules of compliance and in particular those relating to the independency of the members composing our board of directors and special committees.


3.4. Relationship with the Market and Competitors

Teleperformance’s relationships with the market and its competitors are always based on fair and ethical competitive practices in compliance with laws; predatory or dishonest behavior is not allowed.

The provision of information relevant to the company, promotion and disclosure of products and services is strictly controlled by Teleperformance’s senior management. We intend to competitively differentiate ourselves through the quality of our services and the outstanding relationship we build with our clients and prospects. We respect the rules of fair competition with our competitors.


3.5. Relationship with the Vendors and Partners

The selection and contracting of service providers and vendors is based on free competition in technical, professional and ethical standards, through pre-defined processes, following the internal procedures of Teleperformance.

Teleperformance's relationships with its service providers are guided by ethical principles and respect for the law, which aim at building long term relationships. We impose on our suppliers a similar level of compliance with the social corporate responsibility rules by which we abide.


3.6. Relationship with the Community

The development and enhancement of the community, as well as the practice of citizenship, are encouraged by Teleperformance through social and environmental actions that reinforce its position as a corporate citizen.


4. CSR Committee

 It is the responsibility of the CSR Committee to develop and disseminate relevant policies, to answer questions, to analyze and stop any potential breach of this Code and to give instructions to implement active measures to maximize compliance.

The CSR Committee can be contacted through the e-mail at