Policy Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Inherently and decisively diverse and inclusive

With over 330,000 employees in more than 80 countries, serving 170 markets in 265 languages, Teleperformance is the most multicultural business in our industry. This inherent diversity has allowed us to better support our people, our clients and their customers. We are the market leader that we are today because of our diversity.

Our diversity is not consequential. It is the result of the decision we make every day to seek out people of different genders, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity and race, belief and ideologies, socio-economic status, and other experiences. We do this because we know that the diversity of background of our people allows us to look through different lenses at how we do business and what solutions we offer to our clients and stakeholders.

And just as we are making conscious choices to integrate diversity in our day-to-day work, we are also constantly working on identifying and breaking down barriers that prevent our people from feeling fully included and engaged. We want a playing field that is leveled through our commitment to respect and fairness, nurturing an environment where people are empowered to speak openly, and putting a premium on authenticity over fitting in. Our diversity thrives because of this culture of inclusion.

It is for these reasons that Teleperformance commits to actively promote and support diversity and inclusion in the workplace and within our sphere of influence. We expect our people to be conscious of all our differences, including those that cannot be seen, and to act in a way that is respectful of such differences. Teleperformance expects all our people to contribute to creating and maintaining an open, positive and supportive working environment.

Our inherent diversity helped propel us to the top. Our conscious decision to seek out diversity and nurture inclusion will keep us there.