The Art of Customer Experience: How Sales and Personalized Offers Shape Exceptional Journeys

Join Jenny and Malin for an insightful Ask Me Anything (AMA) session where they delve deep into the dynamic relationship between customer experience and sales. In today's hyper-competitive market, customers not only seek exceptional experiences but also expect tailored offers that enhance their journey. Discover how businesses can harness this synergy to drive growth, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Malin will share actionable tips on creating a seamless blend of CX and sales, ensuring your customers get the most out of every interaction. Don't miss out on this opportunity to understand the pivotal role that personalized offers play in crafting unforgettable customer experiences.

Who’s in the AMA

Woman leadership

Jenny Videsparv 

Nordics Marketing Director, Teleperformance Nordics


Malin Gustafsson Kvarnstrom

Bid Manager Solution Architect Teleperformance Nordics