Politica dei diritti umani


As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Teleperformance respects and supports human rights throughout its operations and business activities and is committed to avoid complicity in human rights abuse. Our commitment is also expressed in the behaviors that we promote in our Code of Ethics, Equal Opportunity Policy and Supplier Policy, as well as in our corporate values: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation and Commitment. Our business operations are governed by processes and procedures aimed at guaranteeing the respect of human rights. Every year, we communicate transparently on our progress in promoting human rights in our UN Global Compact and CSR Reports.

Human Rights & Stakeholders

Teleperformance is a worldwide leading company in multichannel experience management. Our mission and values represent how we think and act every day to achieve our main goal: happiness from inside out. That means satisfaction for those who work for Teleperformance, for our investors, and all our business partners”


Employees are our first asset. Therefore, Teleperformance complies with all national laws and promotes human rights throughout its operations. No form of harassment, discrimination or favoritism is tolerated and there is a grievance mechanism in place to investigate on any potential abuse. Teleperformance strives to create the best possible working environment for its employees and has a Health & Safety policy in place aiming at managing occupational health and safety hazards.


Teleperformance has long recognized the plight of millions of infants and children in regards to basic survival, health, nourishment and shelter. There is also an understanding that once a child is saved and safe, there is an opportunity to provide joy and education so each child has a chance to reach their individual potential and positively contribute to society. With a global footprint of over 60 countries, we believe we have a duty to promote the right to a decent life in the community. Citizen of the World (COTW) is Teleperformance’s global charitable initiative that aims to help some of the world's most vulnerable children meet their basic survival needs and ultimately reach their individual potential. COTW is multi-faceted and includes the funding and sponsorship of abandoned baby shelters in developing countries, de-worming and other medical supply funding, food provisioning, computer donations to impoverished schools, clothing and toy donations, medical supplies and victim transport funding and participation of local corporate volunteers. In addition, an ad hoc global crisis relief fund provides aids to victims of disasters throughout the world


Teleperformance suppliers shall align with our Client expectations, social responsibility and reflect the operating philosophies and core values of Teleperformance and establish an unwavering support of integrity in all procurement activities. Teleperformance suppliers must embrace, support and enact the principles contained in the United Nations Global Compact and outlined in our Supplier Policy.

Child Labor and Forced Labor

Teleperformance condemns any form of child and forced labor and has procedures in place to mitigate these risks in sourcing, recruiting and selection. 

Working Hours & Compensation

Teleperformance ensures that all employees receive fair compensation based upon the nature of work and always in compliance with local laws. The Teleperformance standard working hours are capped at 48 hours per week, (excluding overtime hours which apply on a case by case basis and always in compliance with local laws). Furthermore, Teleperformance considers elements such as rewards & recognition, incentives, continuous development, flexible scheduling and leave, as part of our total compensation package for our employees.

Freedom of association & collective bargaining

Social dialog takes place at different levels within the organization, and may exist in different forms depending on culture, practices and applicable regulations in the various countries. All our employees throughout our operations and where applicable have the right to collective bargaining. All employees may freely join or associate with organizations without interference, retaliation or discrimination. Where employees are represented by a legally recognized union, we are committed to establishing a constructive dialogue with their freely chosen representatives.