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Talent acquisition surveys confirm that technical hiring continues to be one of the leading challenges for recruiters. In fact, the last decade of economic prosperity, digital expansion, and low unemployment rates have made hiring technical professionals particularly difficult.
Recruitment has required sorting through a large pool of candidates to identify the few with the right skills for the job and completing the hiring process faster than the competition. For this large global leader in personal devices, it was crucial to increase the volume of new applicants and develop flexible resourcing models to attract skilled workers, but in an agile way.
Recognizing the impact of experience on talent acquisition, employee engagement, and productivity, the company also took a more comprehensive view of how to influence them.

Strategy and Solution

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From moments to journeys, Teleperformance’s innovative and prescriptive remote work solutions shifted the paradigm for this client’s strategy, raising the bar for both customer and employee experiences.

Decreased absenteeism


Increased employee satisfaction


Increased NPS to an all-time high

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