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Keeping customer data secure and private is critical for social media providers.

So, initially, this US-based social media giant was understandably hesitant to consider moving their entire workforce to a work-at-home model. But, as COVID-19 persisted, their options became increasingly limited. They had to choose between a remote, cloud-based support model, or none at all, when eventually confronted by strict, country-wide travel bans and lockdowns. They also weren’t sure if the transition to work-at-home would negatively impact agent quality, retention, and performance metrics. So, Teleperformance delivered a comprehensive set of practiced and proven processes for managing and optimizing remote teams – accelerated by the flexibility and agility of a cloud-based model.

Services were implemented across multiple locations in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Our solution ensures that the client’s data remain secure within remote environments through protocols such as Secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Software, Multi-Factor Authentication, Device Lockdown, and No Data Stored Locally.

More than 1,200 employees rapidly moved to work-at-home in less than 2 weeks in response to the global, COVID-19 crisis.

Work-at-home solutions attract and retain more talented agents by offering greater work-life balance. Employees can live wherever they want, eliminate costly commutes, and spend more time with loved ones.

Our performance management process, a daily step-by-step method based on the best practices of programs worldwide, allowed us to quickly adjust and improve operational performance.

Results Achieved

Originally hesitant to consider a work-at-home model, this client determined that their concerns were unfounded. In reality, they experienced agent performance and attendance improvements, while keeping customer data safe and secure. This robust and effective model:

Daily attendance


Data Security – zero issues encountered


Increase in precision, despite COVID-19

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