Groupama: A Time-Tested Partnership Built on Trust

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Groupama, a leading mutual insurance group of companies in France, had one goal when it outsourced its summer call volume to Teleperformance — to ensure at least a 95% pick-up rate. Teleperformance met expectations and established the foundation for a long-standing, strategic business partnership.
At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, Teleperformance played a critical role in ensuring Groupama’s business continuity by remaining flexible and providing the right level of business agility to meet Groupama’s unique needs — all while deploying secure and compliant telecommuting solutions in record time.
Based on trust from the outset, Groupama’s partnership with Teleperformance has enabled them to create value that meets today’s business needs and prepare for tomorrow’s: Validation of ROI before deployment Management of seasonality and peak activity Business continuity through a sustainable telecommuting solution (COVID-19) Insurance expertise for the centers’ operations teams 100% RGPD, DDA, Health Data, and PCI DSS compliance Sharing of expertise and best practices Exceeding additional sales and arbitrage targets yearly
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Beyond performance, we benefit from a partner that listens to our needs, meets our expectations, and has the necessary resources.

Stéphane Robert, Head of Insurance Purchasing/Marketing Digital Communication/Business Software/Methods & Tools within Groupama’s Group Purchasing Department

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