Grubhub: Work-at-Home Success Before, During, and After COVID-19

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Grubhub already knew what many other companies are now realizing in the wake of the global crisis. Partnership with a CX expert like Teleperformance is the best way to deliver effective, efficient, and meaningful customer interactions – especially while navigating unprecedented business disruption. Having worked with Teleperformance for years, constant innovation has always been the hallmark of this highly productive partnership. So, to address staffing challenges during peak hours, the team decided to pilot an elastic work-at-home solution to complement their existing, site-based staff. Early on, Grubhub recognized that establishing work-at-home capabilities provided: Scheduling flexibility, scalability and adaptability Elevated employee satisfaction Business resilience and agility
Because Grubhub had already established remote work capabilities at the beginning of 2020, they had the right foundation in place to rapidly transition their entire workforce to work-at-home in just two weeks when the global crisis hit in March.
Experiencing KPI improvements across the board, including a 50% reduction in attrition and a 6.5% increase in CSAT, Grubhub has chosen to permanently adopt the work-at-home model. So, what’s next? Grubhub plans to remain at the forefront of the work-at-home revolution by implementing Teleperformance’s innovative Cloud Campus model for managing and optimizing remote teams.
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