Santander Bank: A Partnership Built on Operational Excellence and Mutual Trust

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With a presence in more than ten countries, Santander Bank believes that delivering exceptional customer care is core to sustaining long-term business success. Because their purpose is to help people and businesses prosper, Santander doesn’t just prioritize legal and regulatory obligations, they also aspire to exceed the expectations of their customers. In an era when remote and digital customer support has become essential for businesses to thrive, delivering on that promise requires innovation, operational excellence, and mutual trust.
In a demanding and complex industry like banking, choosing the right partner is critical for ensuring consistent, connected, convenient and secure customer experiences. Prior to partnering with Teleperformance, Santander worked with another provider that failed to deliver the scale, capacity, and talented agents they needed. So, when they made the transition, avoiding business disruption was critical. Watch the video to learn more.
Operational excellence has become the foundation for the four-year Santander and Teleperformance partnership. Years of dedication, mutual respect, and close adherence to partnership standards has ultimately led to Santander receiving recognition from the Portuguese Contact Center Association. More important than winning awards, however, the partnership remains focused on delivering the best possible experiences for Santander customers. Watch the video to learn more.
Because the Santander and Teleperformance teams share respect and trust, they were able to act quickly when the global crisis hit in 2020. Rapidly implementing a work-at-home model to ensure employee safety and deliver uninterrupted customer support, they were able to benefit from offering greater work-life balance to employees, expanding their talent pool, and accelerating hiring when they needed to add capacity. As a result, Santander has chosen to permanently adopt Teleperformance Cloud Campus work-from-home capabilities as part of their long-term CX model. Watch the video to learn more.
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