Vodafone Idea: Supercharging NPS Through Real-Time Resolution

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In a hyper-competitive business landscape, companies can differentiate themselves by offering exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint. By surveying customers following an interaction with the brand (Transactional or Touchpoint Net Promoter Score or TNPS), Vodafone Idea, known as Vi, was able to gather granular insights into its customer touchpoints, allowing the company to quickly address pain points along the customer journey and get immediate feedback.

With a sub-par TNPS calculation, the goal was to receive positive customer feedback on the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Service Satisfaction (ASAT – Agent Satisfaction)
  • Response/Resolution Speed (FTF – First Time Fix)
  • If they were to recommend to others (LTR – Likelihood to Recommend)

While TNPS helps Vi build a customer focus on how the company works, the challenge revolved around optimizing the customers’ path toward the survey itself. This meant quickly resolving issues to increase TNPS significantly.

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