Back to the Future of WFH


Back to the Future of WFH

The global pandemic has forced significant changes in the business world, including a vital shift in the workforce from a brick-and-mortar to a work-from-home (WFH) model. For many companies, this abrupt change is an about-face after years of only traditional solutions.

It is now essential to take advantage of the lessons learned and know the pitfalls that brands can face, the right technologies to leverage, and the new tools to use in this different workplace and define a roadmap for the future.

Why Attend

In this interactive virtual roundtable discussion, we will examine the insights we have gained from the challenges we face and what that means for the future.

  • Lessons learned from the WFH movement in the first semester
  • How these lessons are helping companies design the future of the workplace
  • Advice for companies regarding pitfalls in setting up virtual workplaces
  • Impact of WFH on brands, both good and bad
  • Adaptation of brands to creating a new ecosystem virtually
  • Main challenges that companies face in this new reality
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Path to the New Normal

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way we work, study, have fun, and connect. Once this crisis is over, we will finally get back to normal. But, in the face of how we are living and what we are experiencing today, how can life ever be what it used to?

This moment is the perfect time to collectively reflect on the lessons learned as we reinvent what normal will look like from now on.

“Path to the New Normal” is a weekly Leader Insights Roundtable Digital Event Series, featuring industry and Teleperformance experts. They will be delivering key learnings around topics such as Work-at-Home, Automation, "What’s Next" in Customer Experience, Digital Sales, and more.

Organized and curated by Teleperformance in cities across Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia, our roundtable sessions, which focus on advice and guidance in particular fields, are an excellent opportunity for business leaders to meet with industry subject matter experts.

Get inspired and exchange!

Get the tools, insights, and inspiration you need from cross-industry and world-class leaders to take your CX practices to heights never imagined before.

Get a fresh perspective and innovate!

Be equipped with new ideas, actionable insights, and creative ways to be a more effective leader and accelerate the growth of your business.

WAHA Solutions

Find out how a work-at-home agent (WAHA) solution can ensure business continuity during challenging times and how Teleperformance can help keep your business running securely and professionally.

Back to the Future of WFH

Digital Transformation

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