COVID-19 as a Digital Transformation Catalyst


COVID-19 as a Digital Transformation Catalyst

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a ripple effect on businesses, markets, and economies around the world. It has prompted thousands of organizations to rethink their strategies to meet the changing demands of their customers continuously. It has also allowed companies to accelerate their digital transformation further.

Frost Radar™ is Frost & Sullivan’s robust analytical tool that benchmarks the growth potential of companies. Frost Radar™ stated the importance of mapping the CX journey for contact centers to meet the growing demand for a more personalized, digitized, and engaging customer experience. In today’s digital landscape, where companies strive for a seamless customer journey and better customer engagement, companies must also learn how to recognize technological advances and trends to stay ahead.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic catalyze digital transformation? Find out in our on-demand webinar with Krishna Baidya, Director and Digital Transformation Practice Head of Asia-Pacific Customer Experience Research​ at Frost & Sullivan, Michael Costevec, Vice President of Transformation, Asia-Pacific at Teleperformance, and Marina Campos, Global Head of the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab. Register to watch this on-demand session.

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COVID-19 as a Digital Transformation Catalyst

Digital Transformation

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