Reimagine Finance: Fintech, Insurtech, and Blockchain


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In the last two decades, but especially in the past five years, the finance sector has undergone a paradigm shift, transitioning from physical to digital anchors, with technology playing a huge and unwavering role in this process. 

This three-part series will feature global thrivers on the transformation of financial services. They will share plenty of insights, best practices and real-world success stories.

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You’ll walk away with:

An up-to-date examination of the maturing Fintech industry, as well as an understanding of the technologies that will shape finance’s future.

Insight into who is currently adopting and driving financial technology innovation, as well as the potential for collaboration among incumbents, start-ups, and partners.

The ability to critically assess the future of the financial services industry by delving into complex real-world issues and how new technologies can be used to solve them

A strategic framework to apply in your own role, as well as the opportunity to share it with other professionals during the whole series

Confirmed Speakers

About The Series

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed how we work, study, have fun, consume, and connect. Looking back at the “old normal” as something to return to is not an option anymore. Leaders who accelerate transformation and move forward without looking back are the ones shaping the world of interaction and engagement. Each episode of the “Leader Insights Series” features industry experts who are accelerating customer experience transformation. Join peer-to-peer conversations with global leaders on topics surrounding Customer Experience, Automation, Data-Driven Operations, and Digital Transformation. The series is organized and curated by Teleperformance across Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.
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Reimagine Finance: Fintech, Insurtech, and Blockchain

Strategic Insights

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