Towards a More Digitized Philippines


As enterprises move to respond to the demands of a new economy, they realize that efficiency and safety is just as important as speed. Today, business leaders are seeking turnkey solutions that would address their unique digital journeys.

The winds of change is sweeping through the economic landscape of the Philippines and the country’s industry and business leaders have stepped up to embrace the potential and benefits of digital technology for their customers and stakeholders. Leaders envisioning continued market leadership in the new economic landscape are actively seeking innovative ways to rapidly bring their organizations up to speed with global developments. This event will provide you with insights into the impact that a strategic digital transformation plan can bring to your company. We will be discussing how Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence can help address your unique challenges such as improving Customer Experience, Business Profitability, and strengthening a resilient business model. Join us to get valuable information that can impact your organization’s market leadership in both short- and long-term.
Join Daniel Mendez Costabel, Innovation Lead & Relationship Management Director, Customer Service and Support with Microsoft, to learn about: Insights on creating a partnership that personifies vested sourcing Programs and initiatives deployed Tactics to achieve desired outcomes Best practices and success stories
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Towards a More Digitized Philippines

Strategic Insights

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