TP She Talks - Featuring Dr. Lois Frankel


Women continue to face challenges in the corporate environment but we have come a long way. We can energize one another as we share our stories along with the challenges we have overcome.

Women around the world face unique challenges in their battle for business success. Having a coach to guide them through their career journey enables the development of strategies to navigate tough times and achieve business goals. Since everyone doesn’t have a coach, TP SheTalks is bringing you one! We are delighted to host renowned author Dr. Lois Frankel to share valuable lessons learned, insights and practical advice.
Dr. Frankel is a pioneer in the field of business coaching and combines her experience in human resources at a Fortune 10 oil company with a PhD in Psychology from the University of Southern California. She literally wrote the book on helping executives to succeed in businesses globally, and her international bestsellers such as Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and Stop Sabotaging Your Career have been translated into 25+ languages.
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TP She Talks - Featuring Dr. Lois Frankel

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