TP She Talks - Webinars Focused on Inspiring Women Leaders, with Joy Park


Women continue to face challenges in the corporate environment but we have come a long way. We can energize one another as we share our stories along with the challenges we have overcome.

Joy Park and Miranda Collard are an inspiration as they embody ambition, compassion and confidence. Their life paths have led to successes at work whilst also reflecting the balance which every business professional strives to achieve in their family life. This is what makes them unique and why we are privileged to host their conversation and hope you will join!
To celebrate the achievement of women and as we embrace this new normal, please join Joy and Miranda in an exclusive conversation to address issues women (and men) face at the workplace in these stressful times and help promote a positive change. Joy and Miranda will share their insights and also their life journey along the way. Below, you will find some thought starters. we hope this resonates with you as we bring you our inaugural launch of TP SheTalks.
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TP She Talks - Webinars Focused on Inspiring Women Leaders, with Joy Park

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