TP Talks - Combating Hiring Challenges in the US


The US market is facing it’s most severe labor shortage in decades.

Contact centers are struggling to recruit, retain, and engage their employees. At the same time, customers now increasingly expect the contact center to handle complex interactions with an aura of empathy, critical thinking and personalization. When customers encounter contact centers that meet these criteria, they are 95% more likely to support the brand.
How can companies close the talent gap in this challenging environment? How can they not only attract the right talent, but also provide them with the tools and know-how to wow customers?

Join Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director for IQPC's Customer Management Practice, as he shares:

- Best Practices and what it takes to attract and retain talent today
- Insights from research and real-life case studies about how the role of the agent is changing
- Tips on how companies can prepare their agents to meet a higher standard for service and organizational impact

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TP Talks - Combating Hiring Challenges in the US

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