A Global Force of Good
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A Global Force of Good

Clementine Gauthier - 11.07.2022

As a global Force of Good, Teleperformance is dedicated to improving lives around the world and making a difference on communities. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility only becomes stronger with each passing day, thanks to our volunteer-employees who empower our local communities through their generosity, empathy, and selflessness.

It is our mission to strengthen our ties with the communities where we live and work. Through Teleperformance’s charitable initiative Citizen of the World (COTW), we are able to generate a positive impact on local communities, particularly vulnerable children and their families. In 2021, 7 million USD was given in form of charitable donations. 60,000 volunteer hours were tallied last year.

Our COTW programs continue to offer and provide support to local communities impacted by natural disasters and humanitarian or health emergencies. In addition, COTW is also passionate about raising awareness on education, and taking action to ensure that the most vulnerable groups have access to it. Through our COTW initiatives, we are able to maintain partnerships with local schools and NGOs, and support them on their quest to make education available to everyone. Since COTW’s inception in 2006, we have raised 60 million USD in total donations. We believe that by making a positive impact today, we are one step closer towards a better and fairer world for all.

Here are a few examples of our initiatives that truly embody our constant commitment to being a Global Force of Good:


Joining forces with DIMAND Real Estate Development and Barphone, Teleperformance donated four, fully equipped SUVs to Greece’s Hellenic Fire Department. Through this donation, the Hellenic Fire Department can enhance its operational capabilities while improving the work conditions of the firefighters who proudly serve their communities.


In Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 18 volunteers from Teleperformance generously offered their time to renovate and rehabilitate Masjid At Taqwa, Kulon Progo. The mosque rehabilitation program allowed the local residents of Kulon Progo to benefit from a renovated mosque that has been repainted and retiled by the volunteers.

India and the Philippines

Teleperformance, together with UNICEF, made education accessible to all through initiatives that helped countless children from vulnerable communities in the Philippines and in India. The partnership funded programs that provided safe, child-friendly learning spaces complete with safe water and sanitation facilities. Focusing on spreading education, these programs also offered training to teachers and provided school supplies to those in need.


Through the kindness and generosity of our employees, 2,000 USD worth of hygiene and primary care supplies were donated to more than 100 senior citizens residing at Asilo Salvador Aguirre in Honduras.


In Colombia, more than 1,900 children benefited from school desks donated by our teams. Our teams donated 1,000 school desks that were made from over 11 tons of recycled plastic. This initiative allowed us to support children’s education while also choosing sustainability to better take care of the planet – our teams also reused one ton of bottle caps to transform plastic into new materials that further supported the education of the children.


Teleperformance and Feed the Children worked together in making a positive impact on the lives of 1,000 families affected by the flooding in Kentucky. Two disaster relief trucks were sent to aid the community, and 400 food boxes, 400 personal care boxes, bottled water, and other essentials were provided to the families.

Together with our employees, we solidify our commitment to being a Global Force of Good! Thank you to our volunteers who continue to make this world a better place. See you on the next COTW activity!

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