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Teleperformance - 10.07.2021

A rapidly changing world requires the right blend of the best security, technology, innovation, and the best people in order to deliver digital solutions for our clients.

The demand for efficient and dependable customer service became exponential during the pandemic. We’ve all become witnesses to how COVID-19 ignited an increase in customers contacting customer service to request assistance in great times of need, which is why accelerating digital capabilities has become a key requirement for most companies. In addition, strengthening work-at-home solutions became mandatory in order to ensure business continuity and real-time customer service.

At Teleperformance, we are fueled by the best security, technology, and innovation and the best people. This high-tech, high-touch approach has powered us in times of great challenges—it has allowed us to provide effective digital solutions to our clients, safety and security for our employees, and excellent service to customers that invites loyalty and satisfaction.

As one of the world’s largest service providers, we make it our mission to continue to go the extra mile for our partners, their customers, and our employees. This is why we’re honored each time our efforts are recognized. We are pleased and proud to announce that we ranked first overall in the HFS Top 10: CX Services in the Pandemic Economy—The Best of the Best Service Providers!

The report provides analysis of the world’s largest service providers and their capabilities. HFS Research assessed and rated the top 15 leading service providers based on execution, innovation capabilities, OneOffice alignment, and voice of the customer criteria. In the report, Teleperformance is described as “a global leader in size, digital innovator and security expert.” Key Teleperformance highlights directly taken from the report are the following:

  • Approach to digital contact center services: Teleperformance’s core services plus Digital Integrated Business Services (D.I.B.S.), including the full breadth of traditional customer lifecycle services and digital interaction services. The report also recognized Teleperformance’s specialized services, including translation, VISA, and ARM services.
  • Key differentiators: Teleperformance is the largest contact center services provider globally by revenue, number of clients, agent headcount, geographies present and serviced, and languages supported.
  • Technology innovation: Teleperformance’s tech innovation capabilities are a tremendous area of recent focus and investment for the firm, with dozens of patents on proprietary technology, a fully virtual platform for onboarding and training, security innovations, and more.
  • Customer kudos: Teleperformance’s approach to innovation and emerging technology adoption has increased in the last few years and its attractive complementary offerings are catching clients’ eyes.

Teleperformance's security outsourcing services remain committed to redefining and elevating the customer experience by continuing to adapt, evolve, and innovate in order to provide exceptional service that goes above and beyond for both our clients and their customers. At the heart of it all are our people, who continue to serve as the pulse that drives Teleperformance towards meaningful customer connections and interactions that are simpler, faster, and safer.

We thank our peers in HFS Research for this recognition. We congratulate everyone at Teleperformance for making this happen. As always, we are #ProudtobeTP!

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