A Prescriptive, Six-Step Process for Digital Transformation

Sid Mukherjee - 11.16.2021

For most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a global reset of customer experience (CX) objectives in order to address the changing demands of their customers. The need to accelerate digital transformation continues to grow as customer expectations evolve. According to Statista, the most important objective of any digital business strategy is to create better customer experiences—in a 2020 global CIO survey, it was stated that “69% of respondents cited improving CX as a very important factor in driving digital transformation efforts.”

Today’s new normal is fueled by digital-led experiences that allow companies to keep up with changing customer expectations. Customers want to connect with brands easily and in real-time, triggering the need for companies to deploy digital channels that expedite resolution and increase convenience for their customers. Digital channel usage continues to rise: the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab had seen channel growth in instant messaging, social media, and apps in 2020, with instant messaging becoming the single fastest-growing channel. Moreover, robotic process automation (RPA), bots, and AI have all contributed to an improved customer experience, resulting in personalization, accuracy, speed, and better quality interactions. From an employee’s point of view, being assisted by technology can result in a happier and a highly motivated work perspective, as robotics and digital technologies help automate simple queries and eliminate repetitive tasks for a customer success expert.

As more and more organizations continue to dive headfirst into the undertow of digitalization, a question emerges: How can companies accomplish digital transformation that will drive long-term business value and help gain a competitive advantage?

Tapping into the Future: The T.A.P.™ Transformation Framework

According to a white paper prepared by Ryan Strategic Advisory, accelerating digital transformation for any enterprise requires an experienced partner that is “invested in the enterprise’s goals, in designing a custom solution that can be quickly rolled out, and in ongoing improvement that delivers maximum ROI.” Meeting the new digital imperative requires a highly experienced business services partner that can integrate the front office, back office, and operations into comprehensive, digitally powered solutions.

At Teleperformance, our Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.™) framework has long leveraged digital solutions that helped clients drive large-scale transformation.

T.A.P.™ is Teleperformance’s proprietary transformation framework that harnesses technology to deliver efficiencies through intelligent automation, digitization, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning; analytics to generate actionable insights from vast amounts of customer interaction data and speech analytics; and process excellence to improve operational efficiency by automating simple tasks or eliminating unnecessary steps. It’s the combination of these three elements that provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to transformation, powered by Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking to further accelerate innovation and transformation efforts for our clients.

A Prescriptive Approach to Tangible Business Transformation

So, what are the six crucial steps to designing the right transformation plan to meet each company’s unique set of business goals and market conditions?



An in-depth analysis of this process, including details for executing each step, can be found in the white paper from Ryan Strategic Advisory.


More than Just a Buzzword

“Digital transformation” is no longer a buzzword. Rather, it has become an undeniable requirement for today’s companies to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. In the world of CX, this means enabling great, digital-led experiences for customers while striving for long-term business value.

Learn crucial steps on how to meet the new digital imperative, and find out how Teleperformance can integrate customer experience, back office, and operations expertise into an ROI-driven approach to transformation through T.A.P.™. Read the latest white paper from Ryan Strategic Advisory and download “Six Steps to Meeting the New Digital Imperative” today.

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