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Accelerating Growth through Global Best Practices and Leadership

Teleperformance - 07.13.2021

Over the years, Teleperformance continues to be relentless in its pursuit of simpler, faster, and safer interactions that connect our clients with their customers. As an award-winning partner of the most trusted brands worldwide, we are driven by our passion for elevating and leading the way in customer experience.

In the face of disruption, Teleperformance’s efforts to prioritize the health and safety of our valued employees have never wavered. We continue to exhibit business agility, addressing and adapting to the high expectations and needs of clients and customers, especially accelerating growth. It’s always a great honor for us to be known for global best practices and continuous commitment to employee safety, growth, security, and flexibility. We are pleased to announce that Frost & Sullivan recently recognized Teleperformance with the 2021 North American Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in BPO Outsourcing.

"This Award acknowledges Teleperformance’s 40 years of experience and leadership in the BPO market. The Teleperformance Group has grown its operations to more than 380,000 employees in 83 countries, serving 170 markets and managing client programs in more than 265 languages," said Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Michael DeSalles. “Particularly notable during this pandemic period is Teleperformance’s rapid deployment of an enhanced and expanded Work-at-Home Agent (WAHA) workforce from 10,000 to over 250,000 employees in less than four months.”


Teleperformance’s focus is on service, innovation, technology, tools, C-Sat/NPS, employee satisfaction (eSat), culture change, and revenue growth opportunities. Teleperformance continues to deliver on its mantra, ‘Every interaction matters.’ The company has distinguished itself as an innovator in customer service delivery, global contact center practices and outstanding financial performance. — Michael DeSalles


In Frost & Sullivan’s press release, the Teleperformance Cloud Campus was also briefly featured, with DeSalles calling it a “clear differentiator in the market, and may be the most efficient and effective model for hiring, training, and managing remote teams while ensuring an exceptional, consistent, customer experience.”

Frost & Sullivan, a Growth Partnership Company, presents this recognition to organizations that demonstrate best-in-class growth strategies, implementation, and a strong overall performance. As a global industry leader and a preferred employer worldwide, we at Teleperformance remain fully committed to accelerating growth and constantly driving innovation in order to provide simpler, faster, and safer interactions. Congratulations to all the teams and thank you all for your hard work. Together, we are #Proud2beTP!

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